Trayas Story

  • Originally Trayas means “three” in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan language which is still used today in Hinduism and Buddhism. It can be traced back to old Indo-Europeans roots which are believed to be the common trunk of many if not all of our current languages.
    The Indo-Europeans have favored tripartition (“division into threes,” that is, the tendency to envision and express the world in groups of three). For example, three fundamental elements constituted their universe: sky, sea, and earth. Todays fondness for threes surely derives from this Indo-Europeans’ love of tripartition. Three is a symbol of the unity of body, mind and spirit, past/present/future enclose the ring of eternity and art/science/religion are bound in the circle of culture.
  • Here, Trayas means three people coming from three different directions and three different backgrounds. It turned out that thinking and working together was much more than the sum of three brains. Many years of coaching, science, health care and clinical trial business stands for diversity and a broad network. Psychology, 2 MBAs, M.D. and Ph.D. plus PCC stands for thinking across the universe, out of the box and in unconventional patterns.
  • The first role we have developed is that of a third party entity. We have searched for “undermarketed” products and stumbled upon the Nanopad. The Nanopad (also called Geckopad as its stickiness is based on the same principles that enable a Gecko to walk on a vertical surface) is an amazing tool, that can be used in many different ways and situations (see pictures and videos). In addition we discovered this amazing scented fountain pen ink in Germany. We are distributing the black, blue, coffee and red roses. Also, we have connected with an organic farm in India to source black and white paper, currently distributed in Germany.

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