Are you interested in adhering a product without changing the surface structure below?
Attach products in the car, kitchen, office or bathroom to surfaces without adhesive or a magnet. Nano-Pads use nano-technology to adhere almost magically, much like a gecko sticks to walls and ceilings.

Gecko-Inspired Bonding Quality

Nano-Pads, an innovative alternative to adhesives and magnets, are now available for everyday use. Fascinated by the Gecko’s ability to climb walls, a German engineering think tank set out to develop products utilizing Gecko-inspired bonding technology for household use. Nano-Pads have an unlimited variety of uses, including:

  • Adhere utensils to kitchen surfaces
  • Hold up cell phone or sunglasses in a car
  • Attach additional mirrors or toiletries in a bathroom
  • Create more work surface in an office
  • Maximize space in school lockers
  • Secure household items against earthquake breakage

Nano-Pads adhere to smooth surfaces horizontally or vertically, are washable, reusable and movable.
Nano-Pads can be fully customized for use in business advertising.

TRAYAS, Inc. have partnered with the innovators of Nano-Pads to bring this product to the United States. If you are interested in marketing, distributing or selling Nano-Pads, contact us directly.
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